Women's Gemstone Aromatherapy Vial
Women's Gemstone Aromatherapy Vial
Women's Gemstone Aromatherapy Vial
$ 47.00

Fluorite Aromatherapy Vial

Women's Gemstone Aromatherapy Vial

Things just got a whole lot COOLER! We are so excited to launch these amazing and functional aromatherapy vials made out of your favorite gemstones/crystals!
All you have to do is choose your favorite essential oil, use the included dropper and fill up your crystal. You can screw and unscrew the vial to either take a quick inhale break or even use your finger to apply topically. Wearing aromatherapy has never been more fun and beautiful!  Designed by Aroma Couture™ in Texas. Fluorite gemstone meaning
  • Diffusing Method: Crystal Aromatherapy Vial
  • Necklace Stone: Genuine Fluorite Gemstone
  • Length: 30"
  • Other Features: Sterling Silver Chain, Hypoallergenic; Tarnish Resistant 
  1. Unscrew the vial from the top.
  2. Add your favorite essential oil to the inside of the vial using the included dropper.
  3. The oil will be held inside the vial when the top is screwed on.
  4. Unscrew to open the vial and use aromatherapy however you prefer!