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Chakra Lava Yoga Meditation Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet
Chakra Lava Yoga Meditation Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet
Chakra Lava Yoga Meditation Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet
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Chakra Lava Diffuser Bracelet

High Quality Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Designed & Handcrafted by Aroma Couture™

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LAVA BEADS: Lava beads begin their journey to your jewelry as molten rock beneath an active volcano. At over 1,000 degrees Celsius the molten rock begins to melt and finally erupts out of the volcano. Once the lava meets the cooler air it solidifies and becomes this beautiful piece of jewelry. Lava beads promote strength & fertility - driving away anger, and assisting one in the understanding of a problem while strengthening our connection to Mother Earth.

  • Type: Lava Bracelet - Add a few drops of oil directly to the lava stone and aroma lasts for days!
  • Diffusing Method: Lava Stone
  • Fits Wrist Size: Small: 6.5" and M/L : 7.5"
  • Stretch: Moderate

Red Jade is believed to bring forward a warrior energy. It's said to remove fear, worry and doubt that holds one back, and urges one to take action. It is a stone of physical vitality, strength and passion, stimulating the Life-Force energy.

Orange and Yellow Jade is believed to bring joy and to teach the interconnection of all beings. It is said that this stone is energetic and quietly stimulating.

Chrysoprase is used as a shield or protector from negative energy. It helps to make conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness - Encourages hope and joy, helps clarify problems, a cure for restlessness, and protects on sea voyages.

Blue Jade is a stone of peace and serenity. It calms and restores, and is widely used to temper emotional upheaval and to restore equilibrium. 

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids the process of learning. It is excellent for enhancing memory. A stone of truth, Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken and written word. Wear it for all forms of deep communication. It is also a stone of friendship and brings harmony in relationships. A Lapis grid brings calm and loving communication for a home with temperamental teenagers, or children with Asperger's syndrome, autism, or attention-deficit disorder

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.

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