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30 Day Mind:Body: Soul Challenge

mind body and soul challenge
It's here! We are in the middle of the year and we still have so much more to do with our lives before the year ends! THE TIME IS NOW!
We have created this challenge to CHALLENGE you to make conscious decisions to be a better YOU! Grab an accountability partner and LET'S DO THIS! If you do not have a partner we will try and connect you with one.

What Does the Challenge Look Like?



IT ALL STARTS IN YOUR MIND. What you believe- you achieve. We will be working at re-programming our minds for success. We will learn about the subconscious mind and the POWER that it has on our lives. We will start the challenge off building vision boards. We ask you GET SPECIFIC and make sure to share with your accountability partner what you want out of ALL ASPECTS of your life. We will also learn about manifestation and visualization practices that help reprogram your subconscious mind to make sure you are staying in line with what you want in life! 


4 weeks of eating clean, no alcohol, fast food and staying away from sugary foods. YOU CAN DO IT.

We ask that you commit to a clean diet (we have some sample meal plans) and stick to a workout regimen.

For workouts- we are going to be participating in '30 For The Kids' hosted by 1st Phorm Nutrition. Caroline (ACJ Founder) is aligned with this awesome supplement company and they are raising money to serve a non profit called Brace For Impact where they care for, educate, house and clothe orphans in Haiti. We ask you to donate $30 to join us- then choose 1 of 4 workouts below each day. These workouts are HARD- so please do them with your own discretion but we ask you at least TRY them. Each day you miss a workout- we ask you donate $5 for the days you miss. (THIS IS NOT MANDATORY, but if possible we ask you participate) 

Please sign up AND WATCH VIDEO for 30 For The Kids Seperately HERE:

30 For The Kids Sign Up

We will be giving away a ACJ $100 gift card randomly for those that do the initial '30 For The Kids' $30 sign up donation. Please SCREEN SHOT your donation and send it to us via FB messenger, IG messenger or email to be entered.

Caroline will also be sharing in home workouts and more throughout the month.


Without the soul connected to our hard work- we are just running in circles. We are going to work on our inner most parts. We will release negativity, learn how to forgive others, forgive ourselves, learn to love others through acts of kindness and just becoming a better person!

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