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Aroma Couture Ambassador Program



Aroma Couture Ambassador Program
We've simplified things and made it even easier to purchase wholesale from us. Many of you out there do not have a physical retail location and do not qualify for our retail store discount but we want to give YOU the opportunity to sell our beautiful, handcrafted jewelry at a higher discount rate.

Think of it like this..... You get quick access to a wholesale rate on our jewelry, EVERY TIME, NO MINIMUM ORDER and have a unique URL link to share with everyone to order from. You choose how much you save depending on the membership. Think of it as a business expense and a way to SAVE BIG TIME!

 We've also created fun incentives if you pay upfront for the year. Annual memberships save our team administrative time, so we want to reward you for that.  

So, how does it all work? Trust us, it's easier than ever, and soon you'll be onto a fun way of earning a supplementary income!
No need to apply! Simply purchase below, await emailed instructions within ONE business day and get started!



PERKS (Why we have the best option for you)

  •  You get your OWN Ambassador account on, that automatically calculates your discount based on the membership you have chosen. (Amethyst Level Only)
  •  No codes needed at checkout.
 (Amethyst Level Only)
  • Personalized links "" Get paid commission from your link.
 1st Friday of each month via PayPal.
  • You can see customer names & emails on orders in your back office of your website.
  • NO MINIMUM ORDERS- Get your discount every time.

  • Email tracking. Customer's email can be automatically tracked to your link once set up & approved in your back office. This means that you can enter your past customers' emails & any emails from people who tell you that they will be placing an order. This will be heavily monitored by the AC Team.

  • Create custom links to specific products. Your own independent business w/ total control!

  • Print reports from your link.

  • Private Facebook group membership-see new products & restocks, ask questions, support one another!

  • You will be added to the store map IF you are a Amethyst Ambassador! Any Amethyst Ambassador will have the opportunity to share their oil business link and/or information on our website.

Jade Membership:

Earn 15% commission on link purchases & 15% commission back on personal purchases the 1st Friday of the following month (no minimum order).
Paid monthly: $7
Paid annually: $75 + $25 gift card if paid annually

      Amethyst Membership:

      Earn 30% commission on link purchases & 30% off all product (no minimum order)
      Paid monthly: $25
      Paid annually: $225 + $50 gift card if paid annually


      Not ready to join and have questions? Please reach out so that one of our team members can answer your questions. We are here for you! 

      Email Us:

      Call Us: (469) 796-5114