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DIY Essential Oil Kitty Litter Refresher

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Feeling lonely and needing a little furry friend, I recently swept over to the local animal shelter and picked me up a little 1lb 3oz bundle of joy. I had officially joined the "crazy cat lady clan." What's with that anyway? Because I have a cat, I'm "crazy"? At first I was slightly offended, but then I embraced the title and felt honored to be a member of the proud, elite. I'm not crazy, I'm just crazy about my cat
The first few days with my new family member, Phoebe, were quite the ride. She had been found abandoned in an alley. As the runt of the litter she was malnourished and her frail body had been invaded by fleas. After a few gentle baths, hours of picking fleas off one by one, a vet visit for shots, and a meticulous nutrition plan, Phoebe was finally up and at it, healthy as could be and quickly became a little momma's girl.
I had to! :) 
I thought the hard part was over. Taking a sigh of relief, I was sure that from then on cat ownership would simply be - Kisses and snuggles and purrs. But, I was wrong. 
If you've ever owned a dog before, you know potty training can be an uphill battle. Cats, are easier to train as their natural instincts have them bury their waste, so the odor doesn't attract predators. I thought, "perfect, this will be a breeze." Wrong again. With kitty litter comes a new battle. A price tag, a mess, and the kicker - the smell. 
There is nothing more embarrassing than having guests over, only to be welcomed by an unpleasant scent of kitty waste. There's always that awkward moment, when you open the door, see the faces of your guests, trying to politely ignore the smell, but you can see it all over their faces. Panic spreads through you -  "Oh, I'm sorry, little kitty had a big lunch!" What? Nonononononononono! 
I tried everything, even toilet training. (Which can be done, by the way, if you have the patience)... but it was making a mess and causing unneeded stress for me, and for kitty. So, I eventually gave up on that and resorted to a nice dome, that I call her "bathroom". You know, the kind equipped with a little swivel door. It does a good job at hiding the odor, but you can still catch a whiff of it occasionally, after she's done her business. And, I can't help but wonder, if I can't stand the smell, how does my CAT feel about this? (Here come the crazy cat lady comments.) 
If you haven't already figured out by now, Essential Oils are the answer to just about EVERY life setback. Kitty litter smell, included.
Here's the "scoop" : 
Place a cup of baking soda in a re-sealable plastic bag. 
Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.
Allow to sit overnight. 
Sprinkle over kitty litter. 
And WAH LA! The litter box is safely refreshed! Repeat as necessary. 
(If your animal has a serious medical condition please consult your vet on which essential oils to use)
Make sure the oils you are using are THERAPEUTIC GRADE. This is very important.
My favorites:
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Clary Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Valerian


DOUBLE-WHAMMY: This can also be used as a carpet refresher. Just sprinkle over carpet, allow a few minutes to sit, and vacuum right up! 



Until next time, 

-The Crazy Cat Lady


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  • Omg love the story brought tear to my eyes will try for my daughter’s Catt I’m going to get!!

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